Declaration of Disclosure -trick or incomplete?

Posted by: Vince123

Declaration of Disclosure -trick or incomplete? - 02/03/19 06:51 PM

Hello, I have filed my declaration of disclosure, I've attached my bank statements, checking, savings, stocks, 401k etc.

Now I've received declaration of disclosure from my Wife's attorney who attached tax, w9s but no bank statements of any sorts, (no checking, savings, 401k) on FL150 form under checking and savings he simply put words 'minimal'.

Our first Family Resolution Conference is in a month.
Should I file something to request more statements?

(I couldn't find a form to do with 'request for financial statements')

or Should I wait until the resolution conference or mediation process and mention it there?
Posted by: MinnesotaMom

Re: Declaration of Disclosure -trick or incomplete? - 02/09/19 01:06 AM

You can mention at either. She should be providing this info.