Avoid Colorado Mediator

Posted by: jenniemac

Avoid Colorado Mediator - 11/28/17 09:17 PM

Colorado courts tend to have "trendy" use of family court appointees. The latest trend is to use "mediators" who have no standards of practice, no oversight board and cannot be grieved for unlawful or questionable practices.

Your family could easily be victimized by agreeing to use a mediator.
PLEASE check it out before you agree to use a mediator in Colorado courts. [b]Mediation is NOT recommended for families with a history of abuse.[/b]

If the mediator has or serves also as a CFI or PRE that is a red flag in my book. My former CFI is now serving as a mediator. States having conducted over 150 PRE's. Didn't know about domestic abuse but said she did. [b]PLEASE be careful.[/b]

They are simply following the trend and liking that they can't be held to any professional standards of practice because there aren't any. Would you have confidence in an unlicensed doctor or dentist?

Better yet. Avoid Colorado family courts. What a mess.