Posted by: amyleigh

alimony - 08/13/06 03:05 AM

I live in CT and am getting divorced. I have a lot of information about the misdeeds of my husband but we're in a collaborative divorce and I don't really want to get contentious. He makes a ton of money--probably $500,000 per year, we've been married 18 years and have two kids, 10 and 15. He wants to give me 9 years of alimony/child support. He is a lawyer, has worked our entire marriage, traveled, never been there for me or the kids. I have been home with the kids all these years, done some freelance work, but have basically been out of the work force.

I live in an expensive house he wants me to sell, wants to divide the property 55/45 (in my favor) and give me 50 percent alimony capped at $500,000 for 9 yrs. I have all children's expenses including private school, sports, etc.

I know I'm way better off than most people but live in an incredibly expensive area with huge housing costs/property taxes, etc.

Does this sound fair?
Posted by: ZeeBabester

Re: alimony - 09/04/06 12:55 AM

Go on your own and talk to another attorney. With such a long term marriage you should be able to get a Judge to order lifetime alimony, you get to keep the house, he pays for the kids college and he takes on all the marital debt. I think you'd get a better deal in front of a Judge.
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Re: alimony - 06/28/07 01:23 AM

Let me get this straight...the guy worked long hours all the time and never spent time with the children while you stayed home with them. Ever given thought to the idea that the reason he worked so much is so YOU could stay home and raise the children, rather than put them in day care? Give me a break - you deserve to be thankful to the guy, that's it. Whenever I hear this story, it makes me wonder if the mother would have rather had it any other way or is it just a convenient sad story to give a judge once the marriage has broken due to your boredom, and lack of employment, once the children grew.