need help

Posted by: k24

need help - 01/21/07 06:55 PM

My husband will not help financially support the family and he works. I also work but have been paying everything. My mother has been taking care of our son because I can't afford child care. Our home is about to be reposses, he uses his money for himself only. He disappears and won't tell me where he is going or when he will return. He doesn't help with our son. My credit rating is ruined. I want to get a divorce but need to know the correct way to do. I am thinking of moving from the home but my name is the only one on mortgage. Please Help
Posted by: ZeeBabester

Re: need help - 06/10/07 07:05 PM

If its your name only on the house, sell it!

Talk to a lawyer and dump the bum!