Legal Separated question

Posted by: michelle28

Legal Separated question - 06/15/07 01:05 AM

My question is , you have to sign paperwork to be legal separated correct? Meaning My ex is having an affair and says we are separated, Thats why is with this other person. We are STILL MARRIED. I didnt sign anything. What is the law on this?
Posted by: ZeeBabester

Re: Legal Separated question - 06/17/07 03:15 AM

To be "legally" separated there must be an agreement or a court order. Its meant to spell out who pays for what and to make sure no one cleans out the accounts until a court decides or you two come to an agreement.

The romantic aspects of you two do not figure into it. You are both free to "do" whom you like. The Legal separation does not give anyone permission to fool around nor does it prevent it. If he was having an affair while you were living together the Judge could take it under consideration when he splits your debts and assetts, but most times the court does not care.