FL laws question wrt to adult children?

Posted by: Cleo

FL laws question wrt to adult children? - 07/19/17 10:30 PM

Are there legal protections for adult children living with a parent?

My adult children currently live with their father in Florida in order to attend college. If it matters, I was given sole custody in the divorce; we never changed any of the legal arrangements when they moved down there as they are now adults.

My question concerns the children's rights as college students living with a parent: my ex-husband has twice threatened to throw them out of the house, once for not cleaning their room and now because I sent them money. (Really. I'm absolutely serious. He's a narcissist.) Anyway, are there any legal protections in FL either as dependent-but-adult-student-children, or even as tenants (although they don't pay rent) that would prevent their father from actually evicting them?

Obviously, his threats affect the kids' futures: short-term as their attention and energy is diverted away from their educations; and long-term as they would not be able to continue their studies if they lost their home there. I am looking into options to bring them back here, but many credits may not transfer - and one of the kids should get their B.S. next semester.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Posted by: kenpatric

Re: FL laws question wrt to adult children? - 10/16/17 11:06 AM

Well, I couldn't really give you the legal advice now but here are some tips to keep the harm as less as possible.

1. Emails/ messages that are just attention-seeking, rants, or expressions of self-aggrandizement must be ignored. Address only issues that relate to your child; attack the problem, not the other parent, respond brief and to the point

2. You'll never win an argument against narcissist: You don't need to put an effort to prove yourself right in the eye of a narcissist. Just focus on wellness and peace for your childrens

3. Don’t take anything personally: He has a disorder about them, not you.

4.For some years you may not be able to completely sever ties with him. Dealing with him will feel exhausting and very stressful. Bring yourself some relief with self-care. Your martyrdom will not help your children in any way.
Posted by: MinnesotaMom

Re: FL laws question wrt to adult children? - 10/30/17 03:41 AM

Legally, he can evict them anytime he pleases.