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Alimony - 07/13/05 12:35 AM

I have been married for 3 months I wanted to know if I am eligible for Alimony.
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Re: Alimony - 07/27/05 09:58 PM

This is what I found out:


Alimony can be ordered by the court when the situation warrants it. No one is entitled to alimony by virtue of marriage alone. The Divorce Court may grant alimony to one party from the income or estate of the other, either as periodic payments or lump sum awards. There are no guidelines for determining alimony, but it is based upon the determination of the trier of fact, which can be a Judge or a Jury, of the needs of one party and the ability to pay of the other party. Either party may choose to have a jury trial on this issue. Unless the parties agree to not modify alimony, it can be modified at a later time if the facts warrant it. It usually will end at the death or remarriage of the recipient, unless ended sooner by the Judgment.

A party who might otherwise be entitled to alimony may lose that entitlement if the facts show that the adultery of that party was the cause of the separation of the parties.
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Re: Alimony - 10/10/05 10:42 PM

hello, just joined. may i ask you where can i find out what the time limit is for trying to get alimony from a 4 yr. divorce- at the time he hid his trust fund and did not want to fight with him.?!!!
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Re: Alimony - 04/26/08 10:26 PM

I heard it is almost impossible to get.