Trying to finalize divorce

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Trying to finalize divorce - 01/31/12 05:09 PM

I am helping my daughter get her divorce done pro se and we have been through the whole process up to the final hearing. Her spouse's location is unknown so we did service by publication. When we showed up for the final hearing, I didn't realize that we were supposed to fill out the final decree, not the court, so the hearing was postponed. The other item the judge said was missing was a Summary Judgment of Divorce. I have no idea what that is and can't seem to find any online forms for it. The other thing the judge mentioned was that we would have to get with Child Support Recovery about child support. I assume that this is because the spouse isn't present. Do I still fill out the child support info on the decree? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Trying to finalize divorce - 01/31/12 06:18 PM

For the final hearing you need a document called a Final Judgment and Decree and you can adapt it from forms you can find on the GA legal aid or a big county like Fulton (google Fulton County Superior Court Family Division and get to the self-help online forms. The Final Judgment must be accompanied by child support workshets and schedules to arrive at the final cs amount, which must also be reported in the decree.

As for enforcement of cs, or CSE, look up GA Dept of Human Services, Child Support Services (DCSS).

Also, help may be available in the form of unbundled services (aflat fee) to help with the forms. Check with your county bar association and legal aid.