visitation dispute

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visitation dispute - 12/21/05 05:46 AM

Ok, I am new here and I have a question. It doesn't pertain to me, but rather my sister's fiance. He has been divorced for several years (not sure how long). They have a 14 yr old son which the mom has custody of. She lives in GA and we all live in MI. Well, about 6 weeks ago, mom and son get into a dispute and son goes to stay with his maternal grandma. He has been there for the past almost 6 weeks. Mom wouldnt let him get his clothes or any belongings, so gma took him and bought new clothes. Son calls his dad and tells him what is going on. They talk everyday. Mom had told dad when called the day this dispute took place that son was out and never told him what happened. He didn't know until his son called a day or so later. Anyway, son waneted to come here for his visitation over Christmas. Dad gets the round trip plane tickets and grandma puts him on plane. a few days before this, mom sends police to gmas house, after filing a missing persons report on her son, whom she knew was at her moms and why. The police could do nothing, as gma has recorded all hte messages mom left proving she was full aware of where her son was. THe gma told police that son had tickets to go to MI to visit dad adn wanted to be sure that was ok. police said there is nothing wrong with him going to see his dad. Well, he arrived here on sunday, the 19th. Today, mom calls up here saying she has filed for a warrant for kidnapping or as she put it, taking the child against moms will. A supposed police sherrif calls dad today to say that mom has filed for warrant on this as well as child support. he has always paid his support, but refused to send payment to her when she did not have the child. he instead offered to send it to gma, as she was hte one providing his care. mom said if gma takse the money, its against the law bc she isnt the custodial parent. anyway, what i want to know is if it is common practice for police to call and conduct such business over the phone....notifying dad that she has filed for warrant? also, does she really have any recourse, being that she basically has abandoned him. Also, the son said that if she wants him to come home, "thats too bad". he shows no interest in wanting to go home, as he feels that she has chosen her barely adult boyfriend over him, as thats what started this whole thing, when she made son leave in first place. We are not famiiliar with GA laws and actions, but it just doesnt seem like it would be proper for GA police to call up here to deal with this matter. i would have thought taht they would have contacted our local police dept and tehy would have shown up to handle the matter???? any help would be appreciated. I also wanted to point out that dad has no malicious intents. He is simply having his visitation with his son in which he pays support on. He is not kidnapping him, keeping him, etc. son will be giong home dec 30, per the round trip ticket. GRRRRR some ppl frustrate me. I just hope to get some info on this. thanks. Also, could i ask that i be emailed at [email protected] with any help or info. thanks a bunch, frustrated in MI
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Re: visitation dispute - 04/11/06 11:25 PM

GA allows children to choose which parent to live with at age 14. THey probably would not let him live with his grandmother agianst his mother's wishes. But if he signed an affidavit of preference to stay with his father, he could file in GA to have custody and keep him in the interim.