Trying to figure out what to do

Posted by: derandy13

Trying to figure out what to do - 08/16/16 11:57 AM

Me and my husband of four years have been having some issues. He had been lying about money and other things. I was suspicious of what was going on, but wasn't sure what. Last weekend while we were out camping, he said he wanted to come clean. He has been doing meth for a year and a half. I am in shock. It explains some things, but I am blown away. I would just kick him to the curb, but, I do love him, and, we have a lot of debt right now. He said that he doesn't want to quit, and I know that if he doesn't, the marriage is over. Any advice on how to get my finances in order?
Posted by: MinnesotaMom

Re: Trying to figure out what to do - 08/17/16 09:36 PM

Lots of debt....marital problems...drug use. What exactly do you need to happen to get your finances in order?