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Divorce/benefits - 08/14/07 03:48 AM

i reside in indiana. Been together for 17 years, married 12 years with no children with husband. If we divorce what would i be entiteled to. He entered marriage with a flag and a dresser i had all the furniture. Ive since gone on ssi, but he makes 2 times as me. It would be hard to live on my own with what i get. How would the courts determine this? and also can i get him to pay for the lawyer or would i have to pay.. Anything would be helpful thank you [color:black] [/color]
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Re: Divorce/benefits - 09/02/08 06:20 PM

I am on social security disabilty. My divorce is not final yet and may not be this year. In the provisional orders he is ordered to pay $50 weekly spousal support, and $900 towards my initial attorney fees. As far as division of property, depends on what you have together. House,cars etc as well as financially like bank acounts credit cards etc. They do order mediation in most cases to try and resolve division of property prior to final hearing....as explained to me by my lawyer.
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Re: Divorce/benefits - 06/13/10 03:23 PM

i am in the same boat, i too would like to know how this works. we have a child though and i will probably get custody it all the other asssets i am concerned about i too started the marriage with nothing
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Re: Divorce/benefits - 08/12/10 09:10 PM

my lawyer told me 25% temp alimony for you that would be 25% his income, minus your benefits then that would be your entitlement, with custody though and child support about 305 of his income till divorce is finalized. then they decide division and whether to continue alimony for any length of time. my husband is threatening me I dont get spousal support, but ive had to stay home to keep this family and household running. my name is on every check. ive done it all. this is intimidation. hes even said he will quit his job or take out a higher price lawyer just for revenge. I should have had him served already, but Ive tried to be rational. he only read the law..my lawyer interpreted it to me for 35 consult fee. he said my lawyer would have to lie for me to get alimony, I said, there werent any lies to be told, its all in truth. believe the lawyer, not what you read. at the end of consult, the lawyer decided to waive my consult fee, i dont know why. maybe cuz i bawled my eyes out so miserable, or he KNEW he would be hearing from me again. when you talk about serving papers and alimony, it gets ugly. it just got ugly at my house and my kids bdays are this weekend, I hate it. Id like to be far away good luck hope anything i said can help