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infidelity - 06/14/08 05:27 AM

Okay I know I need a lawyer now. Just wondering if anyone has a good answer for this. My wife of 20 years has been having an affair and I have found out she has had this "gentleman" as company at my house for many months now when I am out of town for my job. She has been doing this in front of my children and had convinced them not to say anything to me. (ages 16 and 15) The oldest one finally said enough and informed me what was going on. (boy do I feel stupid) They have both said to me and her they wish to live with me. We were trying to do a divorce without a lawyer. Now she is making all sorts of unreasonable demands. So yes I need a lawyer now. Does anyone know if infidelity in the marriage means anything in Indiana. I also have plenty of proof now that I know about it. Thanks
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Re: infidelity - 06/16/08 02:55 AM

Adultery may have a small effect on the ultimate distribution of marital property , otherwise it doesn't matter in the least . The children are of sufficient age to effect which parent receives primary custody .
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can not file under adultery in Indiana. Only 3 reasons in Indiana. irreconcilable differences, mental problems and sexual dysfunction.
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