what am i entitled to

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what am i entitled to - 06/12/10 08:43 PM

i have been married almost 9 yrs, together we have one daughter who is seven, also my son who is 15, born out of wedlock lives with us. he has no dad except my husband and i receive no support for him. while we have been married we have acquired debt and he has assets all in his name, i make 1600/month he makes 5000/month. he has two iras that he only started after we were married. he says i have to be married to him 10 years to get 1/2. is that true. all of his assets have came after our marriage, 2 atvs, 3 cars, 1 car with a loan that i drive in his name only, garage full of tools, house appraised at 130,000, he says he will only sell for what we owe. i spend all the time with our daughter he is always too busy and both children want me to move on please help
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Re: what am i entitled to - 06/27/10 08:23 PM

The value of the assets you two gathered might be splittable. As far as spousal support, I am pretty sure in Indiana you have to be married for 10 years or more before they will even entertain that thought. Even then it is not real likely. He will end up having to pay for the kid that IS his, not so sure about the 15 year old.

Indiana does not stick it to the ex-husband as hard as other states.
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Re: what am i entitled to - 07/11/10 04:04 AM

You need to get some research done of division of maritcal property so you know what you're facing.
An excellent resource for self-represented people is
You can get your legal issues researched and answers provided quickly, help with forms, etc. without actually having to hire attorney to represent you. Good luck.