relocating with kids

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relocating with kids - 02/22/12 11:23 PM

I live in Indiana and recently got engaged. My fiance lives 45 minutes away. we have always talked about where we would live if/when we got married. i have three kids and he has one. we are now engaged and found the perfect house with the perfect location for both of us. the only problem is it is in a different county and about 38 miles away. i have joint custody of the kids. i have them a week, my ex has them a week. i work 3 minutes from their school and it is a private school so that wont change. neither will visitation. we bought the house and i filed the intent to move. my ex fully intends to fight it. do u think he could possibly win this?
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Re: relocating with kids - 02/20/15 09:05 AM

what grounds is he fighting it on if they are staying in the same school and the visitation will not change sounds pretty frivolous to me. I would not stress about it.

4. Relocation. When either parent or other person who has custody or parenting time considers a change of residence, a 90 day advance notice of the intent to move must be provided to the other parent or person.


1. Impact Of Move. Parents should recognize the impact that a change of residence may have on a child and on the established parenting time. The welfare of the child should be a priority in making the decision to move.

2. Indiana Law. Indiana law (Ind. Code 31-17-2.2) requires all individuals who have (or who are seeking) child custody or parenting time, and who intend to relocate their residence to provide notice to an individual who has (or is seeking) child custody, parenting time or grandparent visitation. The notice must be made by registered or certified mail not later than 90 days before the individual intends to move. The relocating party's notice must provide certain specified and detailed information about the move. This information includes: the new address; new phone numbers; the date of the proposed move; a stated reason for the move; a proposed new parenting time schedule; and must include certain statements regarding the rights of the non- relocating party. The notice must also be filed with the Court. The notice is required for all proposed moves by custodial and non custodial parents in all cases when the proposed move involves a change of the primary residence for a period of at least sixty (60) days. This is true even when a person plans to move across the street or across town, and when a party plans on moving across the state or the country, or to another country.
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Re: relocating with kids - 04/11/15 01:45 AM

The main things that I for see are how far it puts the child from friends and activities. If you are still in the same county as I think I have read, you should not have an issue.