Joint Custody and College Costs

Posted by: lola459

Joint Custody and College Costs - 10/01/12 06:19 PM

I have joint physical and legal custody with my ex. Our oldest is headed to college this coming Aug. We're in the middle of visiting and applying to colleges. In our amended decree it states that both parents are to split educational costs 50/50. Now I understand that this applies to grade/middle and high school, since their attendance is required by law. I am wondering does this also apply to post secondary education (college)? Would we need to amend the decree in court to make it say that specifically, or is it just assumed that if the child decides to further their education past high school that both parents would pay the costs? :confused:
Posted by: JamesMorgan

Re: Joint Custody and College Costs - 07/28/13 05:13 PM

In Indiana, college is no longer mandatory. I believe the age of emancipation is 18.