Confused ... upset... ANGRY

Posted by: brandi8646

Confused ... upset... ANGRY - 01/10/13 11:56 AM

My husband and I were married back in 2008 and were together 3 years before deciding to get married. We have two children, only one is biologically with my husband and my oldest who is not biologically his was born a few months after the two of us began dating (my husband was aware i was having a baby that was not biologically his) he stepped up and raised my daughter by my side through everything and my daughter knows him and only him as being her dad... after we married each other we had a son together and it seems like maybe almost 2 years after he was born our marriage just went down hill... I never really had much emotional support at all when it came to anything in our marriage... I became extremely depressed and was not being myself or the mother my kids once knew .. I was so scared and lost not knowing what to do to get myself back to a healthy normal me.. my husband watched me go through the downhill spiral I was on and it felt almost like he was watching me like some dramaon TV...I begged for his help and support but never got anything positive and then 4 years nd 6 months into our marriage.out of no where one day I woke up to my husband no where to be found at our home... I called his phone and he answered letting me know he left while me and our kids were still sleeping and went to stay. With his mother an hour away because he couldn't stand being around me for another minute... I was a mess and had no idea how to handle it all and explain to my kids what was going on because I didn't even know what was going on! A week later he returned home only to pull the same thing again about a week after coming back to try and fix us. I was told by several close friends and family members not to keep letting him wall in and out my kids and my life the way he felt was alright for him to do and I knew that hat he was doing was wrong and hurt my kids.. but once again I let him back in because I honestly didn't know what to do and I wanted to try and resolve things rather than just end it all. Well of course he ended up bailing on us again and that was it for me.. he ghas been living with his mom now for the past 3 months with not a care in the world as if he is some single bachelor with no kids who is just starting life... I'm handling everything just fine and I've actually been feeling a lot happier BUT my kids are hurt and I do my best to make my kids not worry about me and there dads situation... ow can someone do what he done and not have any consequences for his actions.. I admit to having a lot of personal problems that no one would want to be around but I brought my issues up and wanted to resolve everything so we could get back to being happy... he gave up and ran away without even being man enough to say one word... that's a cold hearted coward.. ..if anyone has been through a similar. Situation I would appreciate any advice on where I go from here
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Re: Confused ... upset... ANGRY - 01/13/13 02:03 PM

Seeing that he has come back several times, it shows he wants to work it out.

But, your post reeks of someone that is very difficult to get along with. A person can only take so much before they leave.

Are you seeing a counselor or psychologist? Have you seen a psychiatrist? There are medications that won't fix things, but greatly help.

You seem to be finger pointing blame mostly in one direction. I can't speak for your husband as to what kind of person he is or what his issues are as he hasn't posted here. But, from reading your post, you clearly need some direction.