Non custodial parent wants to reloccate please help

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Non custodial parent wants to reloccate please help - 01/22/15 03:26 PM

'm a 56 year old dad and my son is 3 years old. My exspouse moved out even before our divorce was finalized, taking my newborn son with her. She moved in with her ex-husband because she said she still cared for him and since they have a child together, it would make sence to reunite her with her dad. Currently, she is happy with her living arrangements and seems to lack nothing. On the other hand, I miss my son and lived by myself. Although I have bonded with my little boy whom I absolutely adore, leaving alone has casued me to become so depressed that on more that one occassioin I have had to spend weeks in the hospital undergoing psychological treatment. I have no family her in Indiana, my grown children and grandchildren live four hours away. The loneliness continues to make my depression more difficult. I would like to be around my family in Ohio and feel this would help lift my depression. But I'm having a hard time making the decison to move to become a 'Long Distance' father. I worry about how he will be raised and about his welfare. I'm certain that the bond I've build with my son will suffer. I don't want to cause him and harm by not being here to see him every other weekend. I plan to continue to visiting him as usual and I will have to modify my visitation rights in the court. I have to say, this is a most painful decision to make and i've cryied for weeks thinking about it. I also miss my grandchildren whom I hardly see. My decison to stay in Indiana was soley because of my son. Now days I want to be around my family in Ohio and need to get away from my exspouse whom I can't stand. I will welcome your thoughts on the choice to move. Thank you
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Re: Non custodial parent wants to reloccate please help - 02/20/15 08:56 AM

This is heart breaking. Would it be possible to meet half way every other weekend to see your child? That is something to think about. Also you need to get yourself better before you can be an effective parent. Are you familer with the Indiana parenting time guidelines? If not educate yourself on them they have a part that talks about long distance parenting. But get yourself well so you can be the best dad you want to be. Here is the link to the newest guidelines. [censored]://[censored] pay special attention to this part SECTION III. PARENTING TIME WHEN DISTANCE IS A MAJOR FACTOR but it is an infant so you will have to phase in visits and such. Good luck to ya
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Re: Non custodial parent wants to reloccate please help - 04/11/15 01:24 AM

Please read the Indiana state guidelines. There are 3 versions I believe. I was under 2008. But then in 2013 I signed an agreement which makes the 2013 Indiana Parenting Guidelines relevant to me.

Any parent must send a letter to the state telling them the address that they are moving to 60 days prior to the move. I believe to not do so is and indirect contempt of court, but Im no lawyer. You should have the right to appeal the move.