? about the new guidelines and school activities

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? about the new guidelines and school activities - 02/20/15 09:19 AM

Ok a few questions here and I want frank honest input! My daughter is in middle school. Up to now dad has never cooperated with any extra activities.(soccer, soft ball ect) Last year he wanted to switch to the new guidelines I agreed because this was covered in them as long as it was a school function. So my questions are. he is allowed to interfere if it is a school function and can her stop her from doing it and will he have to take her on his time. Here are the parts of the guidelines I'm referring to.These things have also been recommended by her therapist as she has depression and low self esteem to help build her up
2. School Activities. Each parent shall promptly notify the other parent of all information about school activities, which is not accessible to the other parent. A parent shall not interfere with the right of the other parent to communicate directly with school personnel concerning a child's school activities. The parent exercising parenting time shall be responsible to transport the child to school related activities.


Each parent with knowledge of the child’s event should promptly inform the other parent of the date, time, place and event. The opportunity for a child to attend a school function should not be denied solely because a parent is not able to attend the function. The child should be permitted to attend the function with the available parent. Scheduled parenting time should not be used as an excuse to deny the child's participation in school related activities, including practices and rehearsals. :confused:
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Re: ? about the new guidelines and school activities - 04/11/15 01:38 AM

The guidelines suck in this case, in my opinion. The primary custodial parent, I believe, has the say so. But, having joint, if the child wants to be involved in the activity that you enter them into, I believe that you are forming a case. You are supposed to be involved in the selection of activities. You should always be informed of any (verbal, or written) communication that you are not able to get on your own. If the other parent has them in an activity and does not inform you of the many notices that are usually given, you are not being included in your childs life the way you should. As far as the noncustodial parent trying to allow their child to partake in an activity that you both enjoy.... I think you have a case to speak with council. You should be able to get a 30 min consultation with an attorney through an employer or just look in the phone book. It is often offered. I tried to get my children in preschool. The other parent called it "Freakin DayCare" that set the ball rolling for me.