NY courts deviate from Maintenance Guidelines

Posted by: Pete25

NY courts deviate from Maintenance Guidelines - 11/29/17 06:57 PM

I am currently getting an international divorce in New York and my Attorney is adamant that the court will award me only three years of maintenance at $4400 per month. I understand that the guidelines can be varied by the court and there are 15 criteria by which they can do so half of which apply to me. I am 52, was a stay-at-home spouse for 10 years and gave up a career earning A$200,000 to support my wife’s career. My wife is 45, earns $350,000 per annum and has all three children at private school in Manhattan where she lives. I am able bodied but currently unemployed.
Can anyone confirm if my Attorney is right? Does anyone know the circumstances under which the court in New York will deviate from the guidelines?