Alimony Help!

Posted by: RRR

Alimony Help! - 02/04/18 05:10 PM

Hello with everyone, I need your help. I have married my wife in Florida for a year and we have realized that it does not work and we want to get divorced.
we do not have children. She lives in florida-Usa and I live in Lima-Peru. she can work has no disability, is 24 years old and is an American citizen. I am 29 and I live outside the United States and I am not a resident.
I wanted to know if she has the right to ask for Alimony?
thank you very much I hope your help.
Posted by: MinnesotaMom

Re: Alimony Help! - 02/04/18 10:27 PM

She can ask, but there is no chance of getting it. None.
Posted by: RRR

Re: Alimony Help! - 02/05/18 12:01 AM

thank you verymatch!