Posted by: annieruck

HELP! - 12/25/05 06:19 PM

At the time of my divorce, we owed back taxes to the IRS. The agreement in the divorce was each of us pay half of the the debt. However, my ex spouse did not pay his half and my income tax refunds were confiscated for 3 years in a row.
How can I get my money back? Is there a statute of limitations? Can I take him to small claims, or would it be better to involve the family court? I need help here as I dont know what to do.

It has been 5 years that we have been divorced, I have waited paitiently for him to get a conscience to pay me back. and of course it hasnt happened.
Posted by: ndb

Re: HELP! - 07/31/06 07:56 PM

Check with the IRS and perhaps forward them a copy of your divorce decree stating it was orderd for him to pay 1/2. It might help.