Divorced, have to possibly go back to court.

Posted by: mk23

Divorced, have to possibly go back to court. - 11/20/17 12:44 AM

I was divorced in Michigan January 23rd of this year 2017. My now, ex-wife. Has been late on car payments on a vehicle that's in both of our names. and isn't maintaining car insurance on the vehicle. In the divorce decree. It says she is responsible for that vehicle and owes me $5,000, which she hasn't paid. I went back to my attorney. my attorney suggested we go to court to reposes the car. to sell it. well the lone is for more than the car is worth. talking double the value of the car. my lawyer is telling me that if she crashes, I'll be responsible. I also can't really afford to make the car payments/insurance myself. I have my own bills. nor can I afford the $5,000 I would have to fork-over to have to sell the car, to clear the title. to maybe get bluebook value. I guess my question is, what should I do? Doesn't seem like they could go after me if she wrecks because, in the divorce decree it says she's responsible for it? What's the best course of action to move forward?