Advice for woman going through divorce

Posted by: Goodvibes

Advice for woman going through divorce - 01/22/18 04:23 AM

Hi there! I'm posting trying to gain insight and advice to hopefully help a friend through her divorce.

They have not yet finalized their divorce but have been separated for around a year.
They split custody of their four children ages ranging from 4 to 12. Her ex has a new live-in girlfriend. He has asked that they call the new woman mom and my friend struggles with this. She also has feelings that her children may like their new family more than her. Her youngest has actually said some things along those lines and this is breaking her heart.

I'm not incredibly close to the situation so I can't offer much more details. Has anyone had similar struggles? How did you overcome them? Any advice or words of encouragement I could offer her are greatly appreciated.
Posted by: Ivy Roberts

Re: Advice for woman going through divorce - 02/06/18 05:31 AM

Hello, I am a professional mediator; I can help you with your question. Don’t tense so much and keep calm.

If your friend going through the hard times, then she has to use divorce mediator. This is the best method for him to sort out her problems. The decision to get a divorce is a very difficult one no matter where you live or what the circumstances. A mediator is an independent, neutral third-party who conducts mediation. He or she helps people involved in a conflict or dispute come to the agreement. Divorce mediation replaces conflict with compromise and cooperation.