Stuff in trash, or destroyed or even given away

Posted by: dutch

Stuff in trash, or destroyed or even given away - 05/24/17 10:09 AM

I'm lost and in a difficult situation. My wife after an argument became unreasonable and was using her disabled son to threaten me to call the cops on me if I didn't start to water the garden at 4pm on sunday.shortly after stepping out and giving in to her demand she locked the door behind me. Before that she also threatened to destroy my laptop and took it from the room.
After sitting outside for almost 2 hours she opened the door and started again that she would eventually get her hands on my laptop.
Than it was enough for me, I had the keys of one of our cars in my pocket and went insi─Će the vehicle still parked in our driveway to cool off (south TX so was in upper 80s).
After another argument about leaving the vehicle and giving her the key she left inside the house again. Can't exactly remember what her last word was but it was enough reason for me to drive off. Sunday night I spend inside the car.

Monday I got some money from my account bought some clothes walked in a park and later that day checked into a hotel.
On the security cameras I could still access I saw that she had thrown my clothes in the backyard, she had a couple come over that when they left took some stuff what she had thrown on the driveway and my mountain bike.

Tuesday morning she and asked me to come home, I told her I would stay away a little longer and reminded her that about a month ago she asked me to leave for at least a week, that we needed some time apart. After that she started arguing again.
Today she told me she had thrown my motorcycle gear in the trash. And that I had to come over to take it out of the trash and pick up my clothes that she had picked up from the yard and put in plastic bags.

So far in the marriage she already destroyed for more than $1000 worth of my things (IPhone, tablet, more smartphones, camera lens, laptop, prescription glasses and my luggage). So am afraid what meanwhile happened with the rest of my stuff that I had at the house including my passport and all my diplomas and degrees.

Several floortiles in the house are damaged after she threw stuff at me.
Her reaction to her destruction is that I destroyed her heart and that can not be paid back.

Further problem I have is with immigration, we filed for removal of conditions in October 2016 but when I check online so far they have processed until early June 2016.

I do love her, but according to her the mistakes in our relation that I have made were no signs of love. She has very strong morals and sometimes we do not agree on some matters but I respect her opinion. We are from different cultures and think differently about matters, but to her I'm immoral. When I try to explain to her why some people did or said something I'm defending them.

According to her I have a child with an ex girlfriend with whom I only had a two, maybe three month relationship. She asked me when we got to know each other if I had children, I told her that I didn't have any children to my knowledge. And later told her that we split in good conditions and I still believe that she would have told me when she had gotten pregnant. So according to my wife I am also a child support evader as I had to make sure I didn't leave my ex girlfriend pregnant.

So have no clue what to expect further, she told me she would report me to immigrations.

I gave everything up for her, i had a house abroad that we were trying to keep. The payments and the extra shifts were to heavy for my wife. So in 2015 I agreed to sell the house. Because I was still a temporary GC holder I didn't stop my financial bonds that I had in my home country (mostly life insurance and a 20 year savings plan). Unfortunate most of the earnings of the house already dissolved over the premiums I had to pay.

Right now I just live day by day not knowing what to do or to expect.