Oregon Divorce Laws do not protect the poor

Posted by: eandnmom

Oregon Divorce Laws do not protect the poor - 01/26/10 10:15 PM

This February my husband and will have been married 17 years. Last April my husband illegally kicked me out of our home. He met me in the parking lot at my place of employment and handed me $300.00, he borrowed from his mommie. He told me not to come back home and for me to find a place to live. Yea on $300.00. He has even convinced our 14 year old son I abandond the family. I always suspected he was having an affair. However he had a way about him that made me think it was all my imagination. Well he finally has abmitted he has been having muliple affairs on me for over half of our marriage. He even has told me that he has done all of this because he hated me so much and that he wanted to hurt me and distroy me. He wanted me to be the one to leave so our kids would hate me and not him.
He has an attorney, I do not. He is now living in a $250,000 home that mommie and daddie bought. Originaly it was for the two of us. But now it is just his. Along with a $25,000.00 car mommie bought for him. His parents are loaded. They have money. When I say money I am not talking about a few thousands dallors. Im talking like over a million. I have no money. Because he has money to hire a lawyer and I do not he is going to win. He wants sole custody of our son. He does not want me to have any involvment with him other than a few days a week. He allows our child to drink alcohol. My son is allowed to drive motor vechicals and I object to this. There are many other issues with our son. I can not get the state of Oregon to help me with legal assistiance because I was not physically abused. Just mentaly and emotionaly. How can this be just? My husband told me that unless I sign away my rights as my son's mother he will go after my entire 401-K and my stock. He has so much and I have nothing. There has to be help out there for me. I am a victim here. And so is my son. My husband is using our son because my husband hates me so much. I told him it hurt me that he has cheated on me and he tells me "(cuss word), Get over it,deal with it, forget about it, and move on, I know I have. I dont care about you and I never have. So with this being said how can the State of Oregon allow someone like this to get away with this. They are allowing an abusser to continue to abuse me.
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Re: Oregon Divorce Laws do not protect the poor - 04/26/10 08:03 PM

You married an abusser, which is a guy who cleans off the tables in a restaurant. HA !

Anyway, I salute your ex, he is a genius. Why should you get a ton of money ? Do you work ? Do you EARN any money ?
You are getting what you deserve, which is nothing. Good for you, get lost !!
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Re: Oregon Divorce Laws do not protect the poor - 01/15/11 10:37 PM

She's not asking for a ton of money, she is asking for what is due her legally. You obviously are a very bitter person and need to get professional help.

OP-for one from past experience with my granddaughter who's father wanted to sign away his parental rights, the state of Oregon does not allow this unless there is someone that will adopt them. A parent can not be forced or willingly sign away their rights, so don't worry about that. Second-you really need to get a lawyer to help you. If you try and do this yourself you will end up with the short end of the stick. Have you tried legal aid or finding an attorney for reduced fees or payment arrangements? There are many ways you can work with an attorney.