Posted by: Wagntail

Success! - 07/28/10 08:42 AM

Filed an ammended response to my wife's petition for divorce, including a 50/50 parenting plan and all the calculations for SS and CS. Then filed a motion for pendente lite support and councel fees and requested an evidentiary hearing for two weeks later. While in court waiting our turn with the judge, her lawyer approached me and offered two months support and $2000 to retain an attorney. I accepted.
Now I can move off my cousin's couch and into a place of my own, and start preparing for trial. Much relieved.
Posted by: yregna

Re: Success! - 04/06/11 03:36 PM

You are extremely fortunate that your income is so bad...If you had money coming in, you'd get the shaft for sure. And your divorce would be a much different situation.

So this bad economy has a silver lining for someone, eh ?