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Affair - 06/21/13 02:36 PM

I have been battling cancer for the last 3 years. When I returned from a cancer treatment center in February, our pharmacy called to say my husband's prescription was ready. I was shocked to find out it was for [censored]. This was curious since we had not been intimate for many months. In fact my husband recoiled and turned away in disgust when I would reach out to touch him. He treated me horribly and mocked and degraded me. I later found out that he sent a co-worker, LA more that 1,000 text messages in 2 months. He adamantly denied having an affair. The text messages are indicative of an obsession rather a platonic relationship. He had prepared the divorce papers while I was at the cancer treatment center and demanded that I give him a divorce or he would seek "legal recourse" My husband, CC and his co-worker LA are now dating. They are teachers at an elementary school in Eugene, Oregon
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Re: Affair - 06/21/13 08:47 PM

Sorry your husband is apparently cheating. More important is your health at this point.

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