17 year old son not wanting to see father

Posted by: teresal

17 year old son not wanting to see father - 04/16/14 01:33 AM

My 17 year old son does not want to see his father anymore. We moved to Idaho from Oregon in 2012 with fathers permission. Our son went for his first summer visit and was medically neglected. He has Bell Palsey and was not taken to his Oregon Dr. to have it treated resulting in partial loss of smile. He spoke with his father about last summer and they could not come to an agreement on when the visit should take place so his father said don't come. His father also failed to set up Christmas visit 2013 and three days before school break called and fought with myself and our son to the point he told our son when he sees him hes going to deck him. I called the police and got a report (because he does not live in Idaho They wont do anything about it). I have now gotten a summons to report in court for contempt of court and he wants all of his child support back. I have all the documentation from Doctors and the police report but I am scared they will make him visit and he will get hurt. My son does not want to involve child protection services in fear his sister will be removed from his fathers care and he does not treat her that way. Anything tips would help.
Posted by: RedskinFan

Re: 17 year old son not wanting to see father - 07/15/14 05:19 PM

He can ask for anything he wants to ask for. If I understand correctly, child support and visitation are not linked. Meaning, he still owes what he owes, regardless if he exercises his visitation or not. I can't see a judge giving him a refund because he didn't get his way. When does he turn 18?