need advice on marriage of 2 years

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need advice on marriage of 2 years - 09/13/17 10:30 PM


My husband and I been married for two years. Here's the scenario: When we got married, he wasn't working and I was making good money (80K) and was in California. I was paying for everything until December 2016 when he moved back to Ontario, Oregon in his parent's house (he was living at parent's house before marriage too and moved to Cali with me after marriage). I moved to Oregon in starting of April 2017 when I ended my job in California and got a job in Boise. I commute everyday 1 hour to go to work.
Because things weren't going well with his parents and his parent's house was really really small (literally one bedroom where his parents were living from last 8 years and we both in living room), I bought a house couple months ago. I added his name on paperwork but the loan was solely approved on my name because I have income and he doesn't. Since he is also taking his parent's side, I am deciding to move out of this house and relationship (perhaps out of Oregon). I came to know about this equal distribution law of property by Oregon from friend of mine and was shocked. He didnt pay for any mortgage payments and didn't contribute to anything in the house. What are my best options?

Any best advice given will be appreciated. I am badly in need of help!

Posted by: OregonLady

Re: need advice on marriage of 2 years - 09/13/17 10:31 PM

Forgot to mention, his Dad runs a motel and thats where the income for the family comes from.. but he doesn't get much from him. He doesn't take his responsibility of being a husband or a man I should say.