Exhusbands new wife

Posted by: betterlife2016

Exhusbands new wife - 06/08/16 08:49 PM

My ex-husband got remarried 2 years ago. For the most part my ex-husband has been an absent father but they have decided they want to spend more time with my son. My son isn't interested in spending more time with his dad. His dad doesn't pay any attention to him and it's just a miserable environment for my son. His stepmom isn't nice to him. They are entitled to parent time visitation that is mandated by the law which we can't see eye to eye on. It's pretty vague and in my opinion a matter of interpretation. IS anyone else going through something like this?
Posted by: MinnesotaMom

Re: Exhusbands new wife - 06/08/16 10:06 PM

Unless there is severe neglect or abuse, there isn't much you can do. What exactly does your decree say for parenting time. If you are giving them none, you are in contempt of court. Your son doesn't have a choice in the matter unless his older.