Guardian Ad Litem issues.....

Posted by: spooky

Guardian Ad Litem issues..... - 12/14/06 06:31 PM

Two of my children had been living with their dad for a bit, not my choice, long story. Anyhow, in a temporary order the GAL's recommendation was for them to return to me. This was based on information she obtained that the environment at their dad's was hostile. The children were being hit with objects, like brooms, wooden spoons and belts by both their dad and step mom. She also noted that their dad uses "fear tactics" to keep the kids in line rather than it being more of a respect for him. When it came to the final hearing, this week, the GAL was now pushing for the one child, the one who received the abuse, to return to his dad's because his grades in school had slipped. He was failing two classes at end of first quarter here. Here is he doing 8th grade work...he's an 8th grader, and in Wisconsin he was doing assisted 6th grade work last year. Question: Why can't the judge hear the information presented at the temporary hearing and how can a GAL, knowing of the abuse, think that grades are more important that the child's safety?? This has me quite UPSET as I'm now fearful for my son having to endure such treatment again. Somebody please explain this to me!!!