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Annulment - 01/28/07 04:30 PM

Does anyone know how or where I can find info on an annulment. The only thing I can find online is in reference to a religious annulment, but my situation is that my husband had not been divorced long enough to enter into a legal marriage at the time he married me. My attorney discovered this fact and says we can not get divorced because the marriage was never legal. Unfortunately she has never handled an annulment before so she is not able to ansewr all of my questions about the legal ramnifications of an annulment. Anyone know anything about this issue?
Please help. Thank-you
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Re: Annulment - 01/31/07 03:51 AM

Strange , you can't remarry in Wisconsin till 6 months after divorce . Try the Wisconsin Legislature web site .
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Re: Annulment - 02/01/07 02:04 AM

The process of Annulment is similar to divorce. A Summons and Petition for Annulment is filed. The only appreciable difference is that the issue of spousal support does not come up. SInce Wisconsin treats cohabitating residents similar to married parties with respect to property issues, that can often be incuded in the process and addressed.

Annulment is extremely rare and is granted only in very narrow circumstances.

For Wisconsin Answers visit
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Re: Annulment - 02/01/07 09:25 AM

Thanks Maury and googledad for you responses. I have looked at the Wis Legislature page; just doesn't give me the information for the issues that concern me right now. For example if the marriage is void or voidable, can someone come after me for the medical insurance benefits paid out on my behaft over the 4+ years I was married? I called the IRS and they said I have to amend every tax form filed during those years. The home was mine before we "married", but when we refinanced his name was added to the deed. He has not helped with mortgage payment or anything else for over nine months. I really don't have the money to go lawyer shopping.
I think I will call the ethics board myself. That was a really good suggestion. I tend to be a little naive I guess.
Thanks again for your help