spousal support

Posted by: tra

spousal support - 04/15/09 12:21 AM

my ex wants spousal support--He works full time--he owns his own business. We have 2 kids and live in Wisconsin--he also wants child support 371. We have 50/50. We have been married for 14 years. He makes 40000 and I make 60000 a year. He has a college education as an architect. He gave up his career to start his own business I don't think I should pay SS. He wants 417 for 7 years
Posted by: Gestalt

Re: spousal support - 05/15/09 04:48 PM

Wisconsin has online child support calculators, so you should be able to run the numbers and get a pretty close idea on who would owe who support and how much.

Not sure about the spousal support- but honestly, I can't remember the last time I saw it order when one of the parties was NOT a stay at home parent.
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Re: spousal support - 06/23/09 02:57 AM

WI is not pro spousal support and with what he makes he's not likely to get it. It's usually only reserved for a situation where the party doesn't work and needs time to retrain for the work force. As for CS you may end up paying him something since you make more even with 50/50 but I sincerely doubt it will be 371 a month. I know my x paid me 2.7% of his income a month for 2 kids. It amounted to approx 90.00 a month, so you might be looking at a max of 200 or so. Now we make about the same amount so CS is a wash.
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Re: spousal support - 06/15/10 07:00 PM

Could I ask what you ended up with? I am facing a similar scenario but the income difference is less and the self-employed spouse is also alcoholic. No children.