Need Help Coping

Posted by: Dokes

Need Help Coping - 03/27/10 06:15 PM

I'm not sure where else to turn. My wife and I where married 13 years. Through our whole 13 years she cheated several times. Every time I took her back thinking she would change. This past 2 years we where together I worked 16 to 18 hrs a day, brining in a good income. I told her I loved her all the time and when there was an argument i always apologized right away. I came home 1 day from work, and she had a hickie on her neck and she admitted to haveing an affair again. I told her to leave, so she did, and now shes been living with the 52 year old guy and shes 32. Even though I told her to leave, It hurts so bad. I been loseing control. I attacked him in a parking lot as they where trying to drive away. Last night i went to the bar I knew they would be at, and got into a fight with a friend of his, she just sat there hugging and groping him , like flaunting it in my face. i know I am a good person, but I been doing bad thing's. I think about suicide alot. I think about moving. I think horrible thing's as well. I have my 3 sons living with me. I am gonna lose my job soon, do to a dui, i am 4 months behind on my mortgage. I will end up loseing my truck,house,job, and pet's. I feel so empty inside. I go through so many emotion's. i dont want her back either i really am gonna divorce her I dont know why I am feeling this way. I get so enraged knowing he's touching her. I just feel like im loseing it, really loseing it. I think if I dont get help soon something bad will happen.
Posted by: english7

Re: Need Help Coping - 03/27/10 10:57 PM

Dokes, you might get a quicker response if you post in another forum. Try the General Divorce one or maybe Saving Your Marriage.
Posted by: philivey

Re: Need Help Coping - 05/18/10 04:57 PM

you need to erase the memory of her by cutting up old photo's, get rid of all stuff that triggers her thought. IMMEDIATELY start dating someone else.