Visitation Pickup Time Issues

Posted by: robinex

Visitation Pickup Time Issues - 07/11/11 04:56 AM

Is there a standard or typical pickup time when a parent has visitation? My wife and lawyer are demanding I pick them up from school when its my weekend. I work, she doesnt. The kids live in close proximity to school. I can pick them up by 6pm Friday & return them to school Monday. This looks typical but they are claiming its my responsibility to have them picked up at school, such as a sitter or after school program, since I work. She is obviously trying to make it difficult for me & that is sad. HELP!! And yes I know 'all cases are different' - but google search this and 6pm prevails.
Posted by: robinex

Re: Visitation Pickup Time Issues - 07/13/11 02:09 AM

Hello anyone out there?