Disabilied And Need A Lawyer

Posted by: madson107

Disabilied And Need A Lawyer - 07/29/11 12:56 PM

SHEBOYGAN -- It's a hard - hard thing to do, giving up a somewhat safe environment when you are disabilied, but I need more. When a person makes you beg for every little thing that you need help with, it's then time to move on. It has taken me 6 years to figure this out, but it's time to take charge of my life and feel whole again. Need help in finding an Attorney who can help me with this process. I need help in completing forms, etc. Please contact if you can help... Bon
Posted by: DedicatedDad

Re: Disabilied And Need A Lawyer - 07/29/11 06:41 PM

All you need is a checkbook and the yellow pages. Attorneys, like any professional service, aren't free.