Alimony Calculation and the Courts

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Alimony Calculation and the Courts - 02/16/13 03:03 PM

I've been divorced for about 18 months and have been paying $1000/month to my ex for spousal support. I have recently changed jobs to improve my quality of life. This resulted in a reduction in pay and I am going back to court to have the payment reduced to zero. My atty keeps suggesting I settle for $200/month. My ex thinks I owe her everything I make. Her net worth is nearly double mine, close one million dollars. The imbalance was a result of a large inheritance she received? My income exceeds hers by about $10k annually. She is able to maintain her lifestyle without any financial help from me. Given that the state provides only guidance and rulings can be at the whim of the judge, I am trying to determine a range of outcomes. So the question is, where can I find a summary of information that lists what the courts have determined in the past?
Posted by: J37221

Re: Alimony Calculation and the Courts follow up - 02/19/13 02:12 PM

Has anyone had a comparable situation? What was the outcome?