Can't Take It Anymore...

Posted by: drl341

Can't Take It Anymore... - 11/06/14 12:54 AM

My husband and I have been married for 25 years. His mental illness is becoming too much to handle for me; he will not take his meds as prescribed and has been verbally abusing me and our home (smashing things, etc.). It has also recently come to light that he has cheated on me, once that I know about, could be more than once however. We are both 62 years old. I want to file for divorce. My question is, I have a 401K retirement that is worth about 200K; I know WI is a 50/50 state, at least that is what I have been told. Is he going to get half of my retirement then? Even though he is abusing me and has cheated on me? He has a small retirement, about 30K, would I get half of that? We do not have any children.
Posted by: Debi

Re: Can't Take It Anymore... - 01/01/15 08:10 PM

More than likely he would get half of your 401k and you would get half of his so you would lose roughly 85K. Is there proof of abuse? Police or ER reports? If not it is hearsay. WI courts do not care about cheating as it's a no fault state.

I know its probably not what you want to hear and it may be different if you are further north but southwestern and south eastern WI courts are pretty much "by the book"
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Re: Can't Take It Anymore... - 01/30/15 07:27 PM

He will possibly get half of that. unless he will somehow agree to not taking half. I'm going through a divorce now after 25 years of marriage and my hub was verbally abusive for many many years. it's not much unless it's physical. ugh