Stressed and depressed

Posted by: Mushrae

Stressed and depressed - 03/09/16 03:00 AM

I have filed for divorce. I have been a stay at home mom for 23 years with a couple of short term jobs in between when he was unemployed. I have a son with autism that I care for thru IRIS, so I do have some income coming into the house. He is 23. We also have 4 minor children. I am a very dedicated mom and always have been. He is turning my 15 year old daughter against me. He still lives in our rental house as we have not had our first court hearing yet. He has shut me off financially and pays no bills but takes the kids to the malls and buys them things that are not even needed. He supplies the food for the 4 kids. I supply for our oldest son and myself.
How long will the Judge make us live like this before they make him move out. The lease is in my name as with all the utilities. The head games he is playing with the kids is crazy. I feel so bad for them but all I can do is apologize for him. I do not talk bad about their dad at all.
I make 20 k he makes 60 k plus commission. He only wants to pay 600 a month for 4 kids and wants 50/50 placement. I do not want to keep the kids from their father but I also do not want 50/50. Any advice?
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Re: Stressed and depressed - 03/11/16 05:02 AM

Why don't you want 50/50 besides not getting as much money?