Many questions?

Posted by: suzyoh

Many questions? - 03/25/06 03:53 PM

I have many question to ask about what rights with the law when it comes
to the children spending time with there father. I found out that he
does not have a window in the basement of his house where he built a
very nice bedroom for them.

I know in Wisconsin it is a law to have one.
I looked into it only because our girls sleep there 4 times out of the
month. Well he told me that he would not put one in. So I feel like I
have the right to keep them safe. Therefore, they do not go there anymore and he seems to be just fine with it.
Even the best of moms need a break from there children. One of our girls has a disability. Please do not get me wrong here I would spend all my days with them. However, there has been no steps made by there father to even see them when it should be his weekend.

Our court papers say every other weekend dad gets them, but because he failed to put in some kind of window for them to get out of, I just won’t let them go …soooo he took it as a ticket to just not see them and is now playing sugar daddy to out youngest daughter. I will be the first to admitting that I am the one who put the fire in the pot.

But I don’t feel I have spoiled anything for the girls because of it … What parent would want there children sleeping in a basement with NO windows and no way out if ever a fire .(you always have to think what if )

Ok here is the real kicker I went to pick the girls from there fathers house this week and he has just put in an electric fence around his whole yard for there new dog to keep the dog safe …. However, can’t even put something for his girls to keep them safe … I love dogs and I am all for keeping them safe … But hello we are talking about our children?

What can I do about this? Is there anything that can be done?
Posted by: suzyoh

Re: Many questions? - 04/01/06 03:22 PM

Does anyone know how much it costs to put a dog fence around the whole yard of your house? I am guessing not at much at a window. A dog can be replaced it not be the same but your children can never be replaced that is why we are to try our best to protect them.
Posted by: Maury

Re: Many questions? - 04/14/06 05:06 AM

"...but because he failed to put in some kind of window for them to get out of, I just won’t let them go "

Did you get acourt order to change the schedule? If not, you could be found in contempt. You cannot unilaterally make those decisions. Is it a real concern or an excuse?

An electric dog fence sonst maybe a hunderd or so. An egress window is much ---much more. It requirres escavvation of the area, and a new window. My guess is around $1200 or more.
Posted by: Susie

Re: Many questions? - 05/24/06 09:35 PM

I would call anonymously to social services or have a friend do it that you know your children sleep in a bedroom with no window or no means of escape in case of fire. They will look into it and then he will be required to put in the window or make another means for them to sleep. I wouldnt stop the visitation on my own without a CO just to watch out for myself. Try it this way. And yes Wisconsin laws do require this. Give social services a whirl but resume the visitation to protect yourself.