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Definition of Word Repair - 06/15/17 01:26 PM

Divorce finalized a year ago, agreed top let ex and kids stay in house until this Sept and I agreed via PSA to pay for 60% of agreed-upon home repairs over $200. Ex wants to spend $25+ to fix/repair/update house prior to sale; realtor stated that "maybe" we could list house for $5K to $10K more if we do these repairs. I'm refusing because I want home sold as is because I don't have money or patience to deal with the back and forth arguing that ex starts over every communication. Also, I never would have agreed to pay 60% to get house ready for sale when I only get 50% of proceeds.

Ex has filled Show Cause stating I'm violating the "neither side shall withhold reasonable consent" provision. Does ex have a case? I've paid my share of every reasonable request thus far (leaking roof, dishwasher replacement, etc.).

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Re: Definition of Word Repair - 06/15/17 02:59 PM

Given what you say, that a real estate professional has told you that the $25K investment will not result in a $25K increase in sale price, it sounds like your refusal is reasonable. Another factor to consider or ask the agent about though--will the improvements likely result in a quicker sale, getting you out from under the mortgage sooner?

That said, I don't think you're going to get a good read on "does ex have a case" from internet strangers who only know your side of the story. You need to discuss the situation and the facts presented in her OSC request with a real lawyer who's familiar with your local court.
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Re: Definition of Word Repair - 10/31/17 08:03 AM

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