Posted by: svenlitt

COMMUNITY PROPERTY - 06/22/19 07:25 PM

Trying to get back a car that is only in my name. It was acquired during the marriage so I know its community property. However, since separation and divorce filing she has disappeared and cant find her or the vehicle. I continue to make the payments and insurance payments not knowing where it is or its condition or if she still has it. I've spoken to the finance company they will not help they tell me to report it to the authorities but in Arizona its considered community property. Does anybody know if there's a way to petition the courts to get it back before the divorce is final? I'm on the hook for the money owed on the vehicle and it would seem there would have to be a way to get it back considering I'm the one paying for it and the other party involved is not helping to pay the bills in any fashion. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Posted by: MinnesotaMom

Re: COMMUNITY PROPERTY - 06/23/19 07:52 AM

You can pick it up anytime you want since it's in your name. The courts really can't help you if you can't find the car. If you find it, you either pick it up or have it towed to you.