Spousal Insurance Coverage

Posted by: Hollywood0728

Spousal Insurance Coverage - 01/11/19 09:07 PM

I am surprised "medical" is not a main thread in this forum. Seems to be a tricky thing anymore these days. I have been separated since April 2018 and at that time, I had a job with insurance benefits covering myself, and the wife had hers covering herself and the kids. She quit her job back in August 2018, yes quit because she said there was too much "drama" so at that point I added my children to my policy and not her. She is saying that now she can sue me for not having coverage for her since when she "lost" her coverage I was her medical problem then. I never removed her from any insurance coverage and when I started my job she had coverage so I could not add her at that time. Insights?
Posted by: MinnesotaMom

Re: Spousal Insurance Coverage - 01/13/19 05:08 AM

The court can order a person to continue coverage until a divorce is complete, but in your case, your spouse was never on the policy. You aren't in any legal trouble.

However, you could be liable for 1/2 of any medical costs she has until your divorce is final as it would probably be considered to be marital debt.