TLC seeks to help divorcing couple spilt amicably

Posted by: cjmandola

TLC seeks to help divorcing couple spilt amicably - 11/07/06 07:19 PM

Can a bitter divorce turn into an amicable split in just one week? TLC plans to find out in a special edition of TLC’s groundbreaking show, “One Week to Save Your Marriage.”

We’re searching the east coast for A DIVORCING COUPLE (with children under 18) that is eager to turn their adverse relationship into an ongoing, healthy, productive friendship. The couple should be approximately 25-45 years old and have decided to divorce or are in the process of divorcing. The couple must both be eager and willing to participate in the show as well as able to take one week off from work some time in December 2006 or January 2007. The couple will receive monetary compensation during the production week.

For a show application or to find out more information about the show, please email us at [email][email protected][/email]