New member here about to lose my mind

Posted by: Pnwmomof3

New member here about to lose my mind - 07/10/17 08:00 AM

Hello everyone, I'm new here and hope that this is a place where I can give and receive support.

Basic facts: Married 16 years, which includes a year and a half of separation. Divorced in 2012. Three kids, a girl (17) and two boys (13 and 11). Ex lives in a nearby city. I have been un-partnered since the divorce and he was been partnered many times, including getting married a few months ago (to a former friend of mine).

Until he got married, ex and I generally got along pretty well and went as far as to sit together at games and performances, celebrated all holidays and birthdays together (even mine, my mother's and my sister's), and we were what I could call friends. For the most part, we have similar parenting styles and the kids know they can't play one off the other (and never tried).

Lately things have been difficult because of his wife's 14 yo son, who is an aggressive kid with issues that go back to when he was a toddler (I've known this woman and her kids for about 12 years).

So yeah, it would be great to get advice, give advice and be a part of a community that understands.

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Re: New member here about to lose my mind - 10/05/17 10:03 AM

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