Mother hasn't seen 2 year old in 3 months

Posted by: vstickets

Mother hasn't seen 2 year old in 3 months - 06/30/18 04:28 AM

Separated from wife for three months now, she was having major depression and drinking issues and I originally took our 2 year old to our vacation home hoping to be a wake up call for "Mom" who had prior had provided majority of care for daughter.

Wife only got worse binge drinking, not communicating with any family or friends although I'd send regualar updates about our daughter and encouraged her to reach out she never did. After 2 months she ended up leaving our home and moving in with her grandmother out of state where she is now at least seeing a therapist but is definitely not "normal" Still won't communicate with me period, haven't heard from her in 3 months now although i get updates from the Grandma. I've tried to have her visit/facetime or anything with daughter and grandma says she doesn't want to see her then be seperated again as she feels that is worse for child.....

I don't see a solution if that is true as she refuses to communicate with me but now told grandma she would agree to divorce where she wants child for 3 months a year. I obviously won't be agreeing to that at this point but trying to get them to reconnect...

I guess idk is it worse for Kid to facetime or go visit mom for a day or weekend or should this be something that is happening ASAP.

Just trying to figure out what is best for my daughter!