filing federal and state tax for 2016

Posted by: RichardJam

filing federal and state tax for 2016 - 05/02/17 05:56 AM

I had emailed and texted my soon to be ex wife asking her if she would like to meet so that we may get our taxes done for tax year 2016 as we did live together through August of 2016 and she would not answer me and it was not until almost the middle of April when I had emailed her requesting some other paperwork she had taken I had needed and she did actually answer me on that and also added a by the way comment at the end telling me she had already did her taxes for 2016 and that I would have to file single. Can she do that as we owe both state and federal and from my understanding we should have filed on same forms and had our taxes done in a way so the refund is maximized but she decided to just do hers as if she were single I guess though she also claimed our 18 year old child that was living with us through August and just am wondering if she may have jumped to early on taking him as the deduction for her benefit instead of our benefit and see I had also talked to the Minnesota Department of Revenue and the dollar amount we owe has not changed in any way though she indicated in the email that any refund she received would go torwards our federal and state tax debt but again the money we owe the state hasn't adjusted and well something just seems fishy though she has done weird stuff through this entire process. Thank you and apologize for improper punctuation in advance.
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Re: filing federal and state tax for 2016 - 05/10/17 04:02 PM

I'm in no way an expert or qualified in any way to answer and don't know MN law but from all I've read here, she can file however she wants to file as long as it correctly reflects her current marital status. ie, she can't file single w/o a divorce decree. The reason it's referred to as 'married filing stupid' is one takes a major hit by not filing jointly. I am currently waiting to have my wife served for our divorce hoping she'll file our 2015 & 16 taxes jointly. Otherwise I'll owe 4k + penalty for each year.