retirement pension question

Posted by: davis1776

retirement pension question - 09/15/06 04:40 AM

I have been divorced about 10 years but we left property settlement "to be determined at a later date". I am taking early retirement and was told I need my ex to sign stating he has no interest in my pension. Is that necessary?
Posted by: maryrose

Re: retirement pension question - 09/17/06 03:22 PM

What does your lawyer say? I certainly would have your ex sign, otherwise, is your pension to be divided as marital property?
Posted by: 4077

Re: retirement pension question - 12/08/06 12:55 AM

If the divorce papers say I receive $209k from a 401k in 2003 to live off of and I have not with drew this money do I get the intrest it has occured since then the date they award it to me?