Posted by: eagle1

401k - 02/10/13 06:54 PM

My wife quite her job 5 months ago, she wants a divorce. Im still working,she has spent most of her-our savings paying bills an what ever.She ask me to sign a consent of spouse allowing her 28,000 out of her 401k.We need to do this to make house payments tell we sell house.my attorney said it was ok the amount was a little high but the judge will look at this and adjust the split in the divorce.I signed it was this abig mistake
Posted by: Goodmom

Re: 401k - 02/27/13 11:54 AM

There won't be an adjustment to the split if all of the money was used to pay for joint bills, such as the mortgage payment. Now, if she took the money out and went on a extravagant solo vacation, your attorney may have a point.