Survivor's Annuity Benefit Question

Posted by: Cassidy

Survivor's Annuity Benefit Question - 04/02/15 07:30 PM

My Ex is a retired federal employee. During marriage, ex wanted me to waive the survivor annuity benefit, as "a term life insurance policy would be cheaper by the month, and pay more." We agreed I would resign from federal service to raise our two children. The ex is more savvy financially; however, when he walked out and moved finances, I had to find attorney and file PL. Fast forward...divorce is final, attorney still needs to complete PSA and file. Ex is still trying to convince me to waive the survivor's annuity and get a term life policy. I am having to pay for the survivor's annuity out of my support. Just don't trust his motives, perspective, after being abandoned, the adultery, etc. Would help to hear different perspective. I have primary custody of our two elementary aged children and am trying to find gainful employment. Tough times. Attorney is simply trying to rack up legal fees and this is just as horrible as going through a divorce. Thanks.
Posted by: Annie7676

Re: Survivor's Annuity Benefit Question - 04/05/15 12:43 PM

Did he retire from federal service when you were married? At the time he retired he would have chosen the option to not have the survivor annuity and believe you would have signed. The best advice is to contact the Office of Personnel Management, [censored] and look under retirement.

It would be foolish to waive the survivor annuity and do not understand why you are paying for it. That makes no sense. And you should not trust his motives, once they leave, all bets are off.

contact office of personnel management. and if you were a former federal employee you may have reinstatement rights. if you were a permanent employee with 3 yrs with no breaks you can apply for jobs on you will need copies of your employment records.